A Testimony to Daniel James’ Character

There is something about the legacy of Daniel James that is so relatable to all of us. Daniel was a hardworking man who supported his family by working in quite difficult and sometimes dangerous jobs. Here’s a few stories that bear witness to Daniel James’ character.

Poems for pints

Alongside daily chores and his hard work, Daniel James simply enjoyed expressing his poetic gift in lots of different ways. For example, Daniel used to drink at his local “Kings Head” pub in Treboeth, sitting on his favourite high chair where it is said that he “composed verse for pints”. 

Poems of thanks

On another occasion, Daniel’s wife, Ann, gave him some money to buy a pound of butter. Daniel, however, spent the money at the pub. Afraid to return home without the butter, Daniel went round to his friend’s house and thankfully was able to borrow the money to get the butter his wife had asked for. Naturally, for Daniel James, he returned the next day to his friend with a beautiful poem of thanks. 

“Where’s the Amen”?

Daniel was a religious man who’s heart direction was pure and faithful, whilst all the time remaining humble. He attended Mynyddbach Chapel regularly, where his church friends were very supportive of his writing. He did love his drink still, though! One story describes how on one Saturday night, Daniel arrived home after spending the evening in his pub. His wife refused to let him in the house, so Daniel spent the night in the pigsty at the end of the garden. Next morning, he awoke to the sound of hymns from the nearby chapel. Daniel noticed that the congregation were not singing their “Amen” at the end of the hymns. Immediately he was inspired to write the poem “Ble Mae’r Amen”, which translated into English reads, “Where’s the Amen”.

This is Daniel James in a short story; one of us, with a gift, a desire to express it, and a heart of faith, ever aiming higher, inspiring all who would hear to do the same. 

Dunvant Male Choir sing Calon Lan with Bryn Terfel at Mynyddbach Chapel

The fantastic Dunvant Male Choir singing Calon Lan with Bryn Terfel at Mynyddbach Chapel – look at the beautiful chapel – home of the Calon Lan Centre.

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Services at Calon Lan Centre

There are currently two Christian services being held at Calon Lan Centre’s Mynyddbach Chapel. You are more than welcome to visit and enjoy these great services.

Wednesday Fellowship Service: From 2:30pm

Firstly, there is our long-running Wednesday Fellowship. There will be Welsh and English hymns, a brief inspiring message, and lovely fellowship with refreshments. The minister for this service is the wonderful Reverend Grenville Fisher of Mynyddbach Chapel who has a wealth of knowledge on the chapel’s history and the story of Daniel James. Grenville is the driving force behind the restoration of the Calon Lan Centre and is one of the kindest people we know. He loves to answer questions and share many wonderful stories of the heritage of the centre.

Caersalem Sunday Morning Service: 10:30am

Secondly, join the faithful Caersalem church community at Mynyddbach Chapel as they sing hymns, receive a message and enjoy refreshments together afterwards.

Feel free to join one of these two gatherings. We would love to see you.

If you have any questions please call us on 07854 883469.

Greetings to all our Calon Lan Centre friends. We just wanted to give you a small Calon Lan Centre update on our recent developments.

The Calon Lan Centre is now almost fully restored to being a first class venue. As a result, the chapel is now available for the booking of concerts, and recitals, worship events, weddings and funerals. All of our visitors can feel at home again here in our warm and friendly, traditional surroundings.

Mynyddbach Chapel is the home of the Calon Lan Centre, and is the oldest non-conformist chapel in Wales. The chapel dates way back to the year 1640 and has such a rich legacy. This is a story that we are only to happy to tell. The chapel’s legacy and cultural significance is such a great reason for its continuing restoration.

The Calon Lan Centre is frequently used for TV and audio production purposes. Recently, Bryn Terfel and local male voice choirs have been bringing a beautiful and joyful sound inside the acoustically excellent, quiet location.

Mynyddbach Chapel is being used by two faithful congregations who really enjoy their time here. Many “Calon Lan” events are also happening frequently, with visits from local schools, cultural societies, and global visitors. This includes a wonderful recent visit by the Australian Welsh Male Voice Choir, who performed Calon Lan and other anthems.

It’s so good to see such an abundance of life being present every day in the Calon Lan Centre. Stay in touch with our developments via this page and our website.

The Calon Lan Centre

2020 will be the centenary of the death of Daniel James – but who was he?

Find out more about who Daniel James was and his involvement in the creation of famous Welsh Hymn “Calon Lan” on our Daniel James page

You can also find out more about him at this blog

In 2020 there will be a number of special centenary celebration events taking place which we will update you on soon.

Take a look at our Chapel Renovation Gallery to get an idea of just how much work was involved in getting the Calon Lan Centre renovated to to how it is today.

This work took place a few years ago bringing the Calon Lan Centre up to date and ready for use.

Regular events now take place such as concerts and Chapel events but the centre is also available for hire for a variety of functions including:

  • Weddings & Private Functions
  • Meetings / Events / Small Conferences
  • Funerals

and more…

For more information on hiring out the Calon Lan Centre please contact Rev Grenville Fisher on 07854883469



Did you know that the Calon Lan Centre is now available for hire for a variety of functions? The include:

  • Weddings & Private Functions
  • Meetings / Events / Small Conferences
  • Funerals

and more…

For more information on hiring out the Calon Lan Centre please contact Rev Grenville Fisher on 07854883469



Songs Of Praise – 4th June 2017

As part of the 375 year anniversary celebrations for Mynyddbach Chapel a Songs Of Praise is being held at the Mynyddbach Chapel on Sunday 4th June at 6.00pm.

We at Mynyddbach are very involved with trying to keep the Welsh Chapel culture alive. For this reason the hymns will all be English translations of the Welsh word to traditional Welsh hymn tunes.

Alun Tregelles Williams will be the conductor and Gareth Sims will be the Organist.

Entry is FREE but a collection will be taken.

For more information email calonlancentre@gmail.com or call 01792 702705 / 01792 371441

Directions to the Calon Lan Centre can be found here – http://calonlancentre.info/contact-or-room-hirehome

375th Celebrations begin!

There will be a service at Mynyddbach Chapel on Thursday 14th April at 7.00pm with Reverend Derwyn Morris Jones to start our 375th anniversary celebrations.

Did you know that the non-conformist cause started at Cilfwnwr Farm in 1641 to 1745, then at Tirdwncyn Farm until 1762, then at Mynyddbach’s first chapel until 1866, when John Humphrey built the second chapel, and the present chapel.

Please come and join us!