Daniel James: His Character

A Testimony to Gwyrosydd’s Character

There is something about the legacy of Daniel James that is so relatable to all of us. Daniel was a hardworking man who supported his family by working in quite difficult and sometimes dangerous jobs. Here’s a few stories that bear witness to Daniel James’ character.

Poems for pints

Alongside daily chores and his hard work, Daniel James simply enjoyed expressing his poetic gift in lots of different ways. For example, Daniel used to drink at his local “Kings Head” pub in Treboeth, sitting on his favourite high chair where it is said that he “composed verse for pints”. 

Poems of thanks

On another occasion, Daniel’s wife, Ann, gave him some money to buy a pound of butter. Daniel, however, spent the money at the pub. Afraid to return home without the butter, Daniel went round to his friend’s house and thankfully was able to borrow the money to get the butter his wife had asked for. Naturally, for Daniel James, he returned the next day to his friend with a beautiful poem of thanks. 

“Where’s the Amen”?

Daniel was a religious man who’s heart direction was pure and faithful, whilst all the time remaining humble. He attended Mynyddbach Chapel regularly, where his church friends were very supportive of his writing. He did love his drink still, though! One story describes how on one Saturday night, Daniel arrived home after spending the evening in his pub. His wife refused to let him in the house, so Daniel spent the night in the pigsty at the end of the garden. Next morning, he awoke to the sound of hymns from the nearby chapel. Daniel noticed that the congregation were not singing their “Amen” at the end of the hymns. Immediately he was inspired to write the poem “Ble Mae’r Amen”, which translated into English reads, “Where’s the Amen”.

This is Daniel James in a short story; one of us, with a gift, a desire to express it, and a heart of faith, ever aiming higher, inspiring all who would hear to do the same. 

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