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June-July 2019 Events Review

June-July 2019 Events Review

What a great season we’ve just had at Calon Lân Centre! June and July saw some fantastic events, some amazing collaborations and great relationships built. Here’s just a small summary of things that happened before our August break… 

Daniel James Memorabilia Open Days

  • Sat 22nd June from 10:00-14:00 at Mynyddbach Chapel
  • Wed 26th June from 10:00-14:00 at Swansea Museum

Calon Lân Centre and Swansea Museum hosted two special open days to collect local Daniel James / Calon Lân memorabilia from the people of Swansea. Daniel James was a prolific poet, writing little poems to friends and family. We knew that if we opened the door and let it be known that we are collecting memorabilia for the purpose of a 2020 exhibition, we’d find absolute gems from you, the public. And we did! The quality of memorabilia was astounding. One family brought in a Daniel James poem that no one has EVER seen! It had been passed down… passed down… through generations in an envelope – when it finally saw the light of day it was in bits and needed to be lovingly restored. 

Please be aware that we will be soon hosting MORE memorabilia collection days as we gear up for our 2020 Daniel James Exhibition in collaboration with Swansea Museum. Keep an eye out for dates! 



Service of Celebration

Thu 27th June from at Mynyddbach Chapel

The old beautiful chapel has seen 379 years of life; how it could testify to the countless stories of faith, hope and love in action. On Thursday 27th June we were treated to a wonderful address by Rev. David Holdaway. David has authored 19 books and loves to speak on Welsh revivals. Indeed, his message was on “Revival History and the Hope of Things to Come”! The celebration was amazing – sound resonating on every wall and messages of faith, hope and love… in a way nothing changes, but it sure does feel like something new is beginning!! Watch this space!

Songs of Praise Event

Sun 7th July from 6pm at Mynyddbach Chapel

In a special night of English hymns with Welsh tunes, Alun Tregelles Williams conducted the singing as a full chapel made a joyful noise. 

Successful Open Evening with Morriston Orpheus Choir

Wed 24th July from 19:00 at Mynyddbach Chapel

“I can now proclaim to the world that I sang the Welsh National Anthem with the world famous Morriston Orpheus Choir! Plus in the name of Oworn Glyndwr, I also sang Daniel James’ Calon Lân with these icons of Cymru!” (Neil Jones, The Calon Lan Centre, 24th July, 2019) 

On Wed 24th July we hosted a special joint open evening with the internationally renowned Morriston Orpheus Choir. The night was incredible with amazing with renditions of “Bread of Heaven”, the Welsh National Anthem, requested songs and of course “Calon Lân”.

So What’s Next?

Well, watch this space for more exciting and authentic events at Calon Lan Centre in September and all the way through to the New Year!

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