WCVA Landfill Tax Grant Progress Update

WCVA Landfill Tax Grant Progress Update

Work has been progressing really well in the last few months with regards to our landscaping project, made possible by Landfill Disposals Tax Communities Grant Award.

The leadership, volunteers and contractors at the heritage centre have been hard at work on the ecosystems and grounds and soon the centre will see evidence of landscape restoration.

Trees have been reinforced, new trees planted, gravestones and monuments have been addressed, Japanese knotweed has been cleared, and professional landscaping has caused pathways to be developed that will “pave the way” for vastly increased community and visitor enjoyment.

The project has been undertaken to really help us achieve our main objective which is always to preserve and promote the legacies of the Calon Lan anthem, its author Daniel James, and the history of the Welsh non-conformist movement that spurred its creation. We are happy to say that things are looking up. 

Take a look at some of the progress below: 

Wonderful new trees have been planted; oaks, yews, birch, etc. We can’t wait to see the emerging landscape. 

New pathways have been created around the main monuments, notably the author of Calon Lan, Daniel James (Gwyrosydd’s) gravestone and that of John Humphreys (God’s Architect; Mynyddbach Chapel and other great chapels). 

Surrounding the pathways, a huge number of daffodil bulbs have been planted that will beautify the pathways next Spring. 

Paving has been laid down that helps bring previously unaccessible areas into action. 

And areas have been cleared that enable the growth of vegetables and flowers in the centre’s poly tunnel. 

Calon Lan Centre has great dreams and vision for a thriving heritage centre and we are creating the landscape to turn our dreams into realities. 

Keep in touch won’t you! 

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